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Four hundred years ago the great cataclysm sent the world of Ribhus in the Age of Darkness. The once great empires lay and ruins, its heroes broken and bleeding, their souls cast into oblivion. For three hundred years the survivors scraped an existence, hoping beyond hope that civilization would one day return to the lands of Ribhus. Plague, crime and despotism ruled the lands. Suffering was great and seldom did the gods heed the plaintive wailings of the peasantry.

Then, one hundred and fifty years ago, the dread Ipssimmus emerged from the Grey tower and subjugated, once again, all of the lands around Delmar. In Kyrinn, the famed City of Brass, a warlord emerged and drove most of what was left of Jubilex’s forces out of the city. In Forstyd, some aspects of the vassal state returned in an attempt to quell the rampant banditry in the countryside. Rhimstead became a city ruled by organized crime with each area of the city ruled by gangs. Xerxes became a haven of atheistic hedonism. Only the four Free Cities seemed to begin to organize into something resembling civilization. And there was of course the “new races”.

Fifty years ago, the de-facto leaders and rulers of these transitory states met in Randolyn. It was decided there, despite all the differences in philosophies and motives that the Age of Darkness should end, at least to some extent. There, the continent was divided, rulers acknowledged, borders declared and philosophies acknowledged. It was an uneasy agreement but all decided that it was for the best.

Now is an Age of Enlightenment; or so the powers that be would have us believe. Something has certainly changed as the Gods have returned as well. Historians say that the world is beginning to resemble the Golden Age. But that semblance has an ugly side. Crime, danger, ancient and dreadful magic, nefarious schemes, these tarnish even the brightest gold. And where there is tarnish, there needs tending, there needs to be…


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